Alumni | Aaron Catibog

Aaron Catibog

Class of 2016 ¬†| ¬†Supreme ’16


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What makes PSA special to you?

PSA is special to me because it provides me with the support, confidence, and backbone to meet new people without strings attached. You can truly call the people of PSA family without having to change yourself, and expect 100% interpersonal relationships. The memories I’ve made with these people are the ones I hold most dear. Then, we watch the sun set together… as Legends.


What would you do differently if you knew that no one was judging you?

Well honestly, I am who I am because I care little about other people’s judgements. I am the biggest buffoon you’ll meet.


Why did you join PSA?

Knew about BOTB. Became BOTB. Now am Barkada. Took me in as their kin, their child, their steve.

Spirit Animal?

Blue Eyes White Dragon