About Us

Our History

Philippine Student Association (PSA) was founded in 1919, originally under the name Philippine Illini. The objective of the organization was to

“help new Filipino students to get started in school, entertain Filipino visitors on campus, aid other students to understand the Filipinos and boost Illinois in the Philippines”.

Today, PSA is the largest Filipino-interest organization and one of the largest Asian-interest organizations on University campus.

Our mission is as follows:
• To foster and maintain relationships through the education and promotion of Filipino identity, culture, and Asian American awareness
• To encourage the development of academic and leadership skills in order to positively impact the self and the community
• To impart this mission and culture to those in the organization and beyond

For 25 years and counting, PSA has hosted Filipino Americans Coming Together (FACT), a conference honoring Philippine culture. A number of students from other universities fly over for the weekend-long event and participate in workshops that promote leadership, educate about current issues, and more.

FACT brings Filipinx groups together on a national level and emphasizes our unity in appreciation of the Filipinx community. In addition to FACT, PSA is a part of Midwest Association of Filipino Americans (MAFA), an umbrella organization that bridges the connection between PSA and other Filipinx and Asian organizations in the Midwest.

PSA approaches its centennial birthday come 2019.

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