Webmaster | Kayla Arquines

Kayla Arquines

Class of 2017  |  Dream Team ’17

Industrial Design  |  Minor in Informatics

What do you love about PSA?

Not exaggerating, PSA gave me a place to call home and a family. Also, the AKA System is my personal favorite, I duv my AKA’s to the fullest of my ittybitty heart.


Why did you join PSA?

Coming from a town who lacked Asian ethnicities, I wanted to explore my cultural identity. Also, my older sister was in PSA for a tad bit.


Favorite PSA memory?

Getting my Ates, Kuyas and then my Adings. I was one of the happiest Kayl in the world!


Describe yourself in 3 words?

Family-Oriented. Cookies. Kayl.

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