We are the Philippine Student Association PSA

PSA is an RSO at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, first created in 1919


We are the Philippine Student Association PSA

PSA is an RSO at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, first created in 1919


Our mission is as follows:
• To foster and maintain relationships through the education and promotion of Filipino identity, culture, and Asian American awareness
• To encourage the development of academic and leadership skills in order to positively impact the self and the community
• To impart this mission and culture to those in the organization and beyond

What does PSA do?


We support various non-profit organizations throughout the year and do fundraising to raise money and awareness for various causes that affect our greater community.

Cultural Awareness

We promote cultural awareness not just for Filipino culture, but awareness for the broader Asian and Pacific Islander community

Ates, Kuyas, & Adings Program

Through our AKA program, come find a family away from home becoming an ading (younger sibling) to a kuya or ate (older siblings). If you're looking for a mentor, and older brother you never had, or maybe even your own adings, join PSA now!

Want to be part of the AKA program?


AKAs are our Friends Mentors Family

Want to be a part of the AKA Program?

Sign ups are open! Fill out this form by 11:59 pm on October 3rd to request AKAs for this semester!

Board Members

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Latest Posts

Denzel Ryan Cruz

FACT ’19 – ’20, Denzel Ryan Cruz Junior in Bio-Engineering Do you have Ates/Kuyas or Adings, and how have those relationships changed your PSA experience? What do your AKAs mean to you? My AKA family…

Claire Mallare

Formal ’18 – ’19, Claire Mallare Sophomore in Kinesiology Do you identify as Filipino or Filipino-American? What does that identity mean to you? Being Filipino- American to me means being able to enjoy the best…

Sonica Battung

Publicity ’18 – ’19, Sonica Battung Sophomore in English/History Describe your experience with Battle or Barkada in general. What is the cultural significance of Barkada? This was my first experience in cultural dancing! It was…

Molly Wong

Alumni ’18 – ’19, Molly Wong Sophomore in MCB (Molecular and Cellular Biology) Share a favorite experience or memory you have from your time in PSA. My favorite experience I’ve had from my time in…

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What is PSA to you?

Find out what our members think about PSA! 

PSA is a community of diverse individuals, both Filipino and non-Filipino, who unite through the celebration of Filipino culture. Whatever it is you’re looking for - or don’t know yet - PSA is the place to be.
Caitlin Daza
PSA is an organization that helps you grow in all aspects of life. Socially, you’ll see yourself interact with all genres of people. Academically, there’s people who you can get advice and help from in homework or classwork. Physically, you’ll get more steps in from coming to our events!!
Jasmine Cuasay
After 100 strong years, PSA remains a thriving force that ushers love, support, and community into the lives Filipino and non-Filipino students. I hope our organization can continue to empower and uplift UIUC's campus for 100 years more!
Caitlin Sonica Battung
PSA is my home away from home. The community has helped me greatly improve my academic and professional skills, while also allowing me to befriend some of the most wonderful and ambitious people.
Janine Pasquali
I believe PSA is a home away from home where individuals can build a family they didn’t expect to have.
Daniella Di
When I think of PSA, I think about the people that tie me closer to my Filipino identity. Whether it be reminiscing about our similar childhoods, or teaching members that aren’t Filipino about our culture, I can freely express my Filipino heritage in a way that is uniquely my own. I’m grateful to PSA for providing that home for me.
Myka Padilla

External Organizations

Other Related Orgs

Midwest Association for Filipino Americans (MAFA)

Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC)

University YMCA

Office of Registered Organizations

Filipino American Association of East Central Illinois (FAAECI)


1401 W Green St, Urbana, IL 61801, RSO complex, Cube #15